Friday, August 9, 2013

Can The Penis Get Bigger. Having A Bigger Penis Means You Would Have A Higher Position In The Men's Pecking Order

Can The Penis Get Bigger

Can The Penis Get Bigger

Does having a bigger penis mean that you would have more confidence than your peers? Where do you fall in the men's pecking order?

Fact: Your penis size makes up a big portion of your confidence not only around women, but around other men as well.In fact, it is only part of the make-up the male ego but has equal weight as self-esteem, your intelligence, physical strength, & also your ability to handle sexual situations in the men's pecking order as well as with women.

Men who have bigger penises than their peers have always displayed more confidence, as well as the ability to control most situations, instead of letting the situation get out of hand due to lack of self-esteem or self-confidence.

These are the guys who usually see themselves as being irresistible to women. And you know what? The women DO find these guys to be just that - irresistible. Why is that? Because women know if a man carries himself proudly and can act confidently around them then he is most likely NOT worried about his penis size or his sexual abilities.

Even though these men have a bigger ego because they do have a bigger penis, some guys perceive these guys as just being cocky. Where do you think this word originated from? Well, it actually started on the farm with the rooster(sometimes referred to as a cock). You see, roosters have a definite pecking order based on size, strength, & sexual ability.

The biggest rooster has run of the hen-house & keeps the other males in their proper pecking order. It works the same way when you put a few men & women together. Somehow the man with the biggest penis seems to have his pick of the women & the other guys don't seem to cross his path too often.

Not sure where you fall in the mens pecking order? The average penis size is 5.5 to 6.5 inches in erect length. Most guys do fall in this range even though a lot of them feel that they are smaller than their peers.

You can get a little more confidence by making your penis look as big as possible. While this won't physically enlarge your penis, trimming back excess pubic hair and keeping your mid-section (belly) trim will make your manhood appear bigger, especially when viewed from an above perspective.

Of course, bigger-looking is not the same as having a bigger penis. And while a penis that is a bigger size than 6.4" in length is not necessary for reproductive purposes, that's not what makes the ego bigger. What does stoke the male self-esteem fire is being able to show competing males that they have a bigger penis than they do.

Can The Penis Get Bigger

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