Sunday, August 4, 2013

Get Your Penis Size Large. Exercises To Enlarge Your Penis

Get Your Penis Size Large

Get Your Penis Size Large

Image you are standing in the mall bathroom, urinating. Now stop. Stop urinating. Did you feel that? That muscle you used? That's called the PC muscle, and its one of the most important muscles you want to train if you want to improve sexual performance. They might not contribute directly to penile size gain, but if you don't incorporate this exercise to enlarge your penis into your penile exercise program, then you are really missing out on some benefits. These include:

1) Easy and harder erections

2) Longer more pleasurable orgasms

3) Greater control over ejaculation

4) Lasting longer during intercourse

To do this exercise, just use the visualization I provided. Contract the muscle for a few seconds then let go. Keep doing them over and over till you can't do them anymore. Try to increase the length of the hold till you feel its really working the muscle.

They me say it again: you have to incorporate this exercise if you are actively doing a penile enlargement program. They can be done anywhere any time. In front of the computer/tv, while driving, in class, even at the family reunion! Mix it up a bit if you get bored. Do them to the beat of a song or see how long you can hold it.

Here's one secret I've come up with while performing this exercise: right before you ejaculate, practice this exercise. See if you can stop the ejaculation, if you can, then congratulations, you have created such a strong PC muscle that you can now control how long you last in bed. Rock on you porn star you!

As always, take care when doing all penile exercises to enlarge your penis. They can induce injury if overused. I highly suggest you start a program that can provide safe instruction and guidance.

Get Your Penis Size Large

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