Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dynamic Penis Extension. Do Penis Traction Devices Work for Male Enhancement

Dynamic Penis Extension

Dynamic Penis Extension

Men interested in male enhancement are now considering penis traction devices such as extenders to help enlarge their male organ. But the question is do they actually work?

Lately there is a huge influx in the market for enhancement alternatives to surgery and one that has become very popular are extenders which use traction in order to elongate the penis.

The science behind it isn't a new concept at all. This method has actually been implemented and widely put to use by ancient tribes and also by the more contemporary tribal groups around the world. Known as the "Long Neck People" or "Giraffe Tribe" located in Thailand, they have put to practice and passed on this tradition for centuries of lengthening a woman's neck. I'm sure most readers at one point of another have seen the videos or photos of this group.

Other groups use traction in order to elongate a multitude of body parts such as their ear lobes, limbs and yes their penis as well. The devices used now for penis traction are much more sophisticated than what the tribal people used of course but are they as effective? Recent studies have found that a number of these devices actually do work in helping a man gain size of his organ. The process can take months and gains come in small intervals but there have been reports of men gaining anywhere from 3/4" to 3" within one year of using these devices. Some companies claim you can see these type of gains in only 6 months depending on how you use the enlarger. Proper use is key in maximizing the potential growth. Be careful not to overuse a penis traction device, it can definitely damage the organ if not used properly.

In a nutshell an extender provides a constant small stretch of the organ which in turn tears very tiny amounts of tissue within the penis. Once this happens the body starts to reproduce that tissue and cells in order to regenerate and heal. Every time this process takes place you add tissue to the area which of course adds a small increase to your size. if done just a couple of times you will never see any gains but when used on a daily basis as instructed you can see significant increase in size after a few months. Gains vary from person to person other factors come into play such as time being used, if properly used and of course overall genetics.

Men should take into consideration that they are most likely within the "average size" of 6" and that should be more than enough to satisfy your partner. But for those men always looking to have an extra inch or two a penis extender device may be something to consider. Always make sure and consult a doctor before using any male enhancement product including a penis traction device.

Dynamic Penis Extension

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