Saturday, August 3, 2013

Increasing Your Penis Size. Penis Stretching Exercise

Increasing Your Penis Size

Increasing Your Penis Size

Thinking of adding a few inches to your manhood size? You definitely could IF you know the right way of doing it. The reason why many men still fail to grow their penis bigger however hard they try is because they are following the wrong advice! So instead of following the crowd blindly and believing in all the hype of penile growth pills, stick to the old-fashioned but proven way of increasing in size - by exercising your penis!

It is easy to fall for the marketing gimmicks those growth pills are sold with. They promise you incredible results, within a short span of time, with just a pill a day. Now tell me honestly, which man would not want that? But the problem is, that will simply not happen!

Most of these commercially available medications are made of a concoction of vitamins, minerals, and a 'special selection' of herbs. Each of the manufacturers claim their creation can significantly affect your male organ and prompt it to grow longer and thicker. All is good... but is there any proof in what they say?

In order for any medication or treatment to be approved by the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), the manufacturer has to show evidence of their product working to its promises. But... none of the pills you can get over the counter and on the Internet are EVER certified by the FDA! What does that say to you?

Even the major renowned pharmaceutical companies have never come up with a product which they claim to be able to affect the size of a man's penis.

Another reason why even medical professionals disapprove the use of male enhancement medications is with regards to your health. Again, in order to get the stamp of approval by the FDA, a product has to be safe for general consumption.

Lab tests done on several of these male enhancement pills have shown toxic contamination which include pesticides, E.coli bacteria... even traces of feces! Obviously that would cause severe adverse effects to the body of the person who consumes it, especially on a daily basis!

Now that it is evident to you how potentially harmful and useless those widely marketed penile growth pills are, should you get discouraged to try and grow your penis bigger? No!

Over the years, since ancient times, men have successfully enhanced their manhood effectively. How? By simply using their hands to gradually stretch and massage it daily to stimulate the penis' natural growth process.

It definitely is a much safer way of doing things, as it does not involve any dangerous gadgets and harmful medications. And although it may be a gradual process and take a few weeks for you to see any obvious results, at least it is scientifically backed to really increase your penis size and make it permanently bigger for as long as you live!

Increasing Your Penis Size

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