Sunday, August 4, 2013

Penis Lengthening Pills. Frequently Asked Questions Answered By A Penis Enlargement Expert

Penis Lengthening Pills

Penis Lengthening Pills

Here are some commonly asked questions about penis enlargement:

Is it possible to gain 1, 3 or 5 inches in 2 weeks?

Not a chance. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying to you, I'm afriad - so be careful! That said, growth can start in as little as two weeks.

That said penis enlargement is possible. While most of the products out there are nothing more than rip-offs which will never help you grow so much as a millimeter, some really are of value in terms of increasing your penis size.

Are the most popular products the best?

Actually, the most popular products aren't necessarily the best. Because sales tend to be led by affiliates (who take a huge cut of every sale) the most popular enlargement products tend to be the ones which make affiliates the most money.

How do I know which sites will honor a refund request?

Here's a simple rule of thumb: If a site delivers something to your door then you generally won't get a refund. This is because once a penis extender is used or a bottle of pills are opened, they're damaged goods, so the company says that a refund isn't possible.

Are the more expensive products better?

Not necessarily. I've used products that cost $500+ and have failed miserably. Some have even caused severe pain and damage which took months to heal.

What would you recommend against?

This is easy; pills, pumps, extenders, patches and weights all caused me minor/major problems. While I haven't tested every product in these categories I have tried the most popular, and some do more harm than good.

Can the penis be stretched bigger?

I've never met or heard of anyone who's stretched their penis bigger and has still been able to get an erection! But if you don't care about erections then stretch away.

Penis Lengthening Pills

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