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Hormone Therapy For Penis Growth. Penis Augmentation With Penis Enlargement Exercises

Hormone Therapy For Penis Growth

Hormone Therapy For Penis Growth

When it comes to penis augmentation, there are several methods advertised on the Internet. You will see everything from penis pills, extenders, pumps and even some ridiculous products like exotic snake oils. Most of these products will only give you a slightly bigger erection that will last a few hours at best. If you really wanted permanent penis augmentation, there is really no other option but to try penis enlargement exercises or surgery. Surgery is out of the question for most people because it is too expensive and more importantly, too risky.

This article will briefly explain the concept of enlargement exercises before giving you some sample penis exercises as well.

First of all, it might help you a little to understand the anatomy of the penis. The size of the penis is determined by the amount of blood it can hold. Yes, that is correct. The more blood inside the penis, the bigger it looks and feels. The blood in the penis is held in three separate chambers. Augmentation exercises will gradually increase the size of these chambers over a period of about 5-8 weeks. While that might sound like a long time, one will have to spend only about 5-8 minutes a day on actually exercising the penis. If you looked at the larger picture, it is just about 4 hours of exercising in two whole months to get more than 1 inch in gains.

That being said, here are some beginner level penis exercises to help one get started. However, one must note that these exercises are supposed to be done with caution and according to a professional schedule. Also, one must also not do these exercises on a fully erect penis as they are to be done only on a semi erect penis.

Sample penis augmentation exercise

  • Warm up your penis with a warm towel wrap or just do the following exercise after or during a hot shower.
  • Lubricate your penis with a good lubricant. Do not use soap as it is a irritant for the penile skin.
  • Once your penis is semi erect, make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and use the grip to hold your penis firmly at the end of your penis shaft.
  • Now, slowly but firmly move this grip to the top of your penis until you reach the point just under your penis head.
  • When you have done this, switch with the other hand to keep the exercising going.
  • Perform about 40 repetitions on each hand.
  • Your palms can be facing inwards or outwards when you do these exercises.
  • Once you are done with these exercises, you might feel bigger than usual already although you will have to perform many other exercises to permanently increase your penis size by 1 or more inches.
  • While penis exercises like the ones above will help increase your size, you can also do exercises to increase your stamina. These are called kegel exercises for men. To do kegel exercises, you will have to learn how to flex what is called your PC muscle. This is the same muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine. Once you identify that muscle, begin to flex it as if you are trying to make your penis bounce up and down. You should breathe normally when you do these exercises. If you are not able to do more than 30 at a time, it essentially means that there is a lot of scope for improvement in your sexual stamina.

    To increase your stamina, you will have to do the above given exercise on a daily basis. These exercises are very convenient as they can be done when one is fully dressed. They can also be done when someone is even working on their computer. Penis augmentation exercises will need some privacy and some dedicated time although they will produce good results that are permanent.

    Hormone Therapy For Penis Growth

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