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Increase Pennis At Home. Penis Enlargement Exercises

Increase Pennis At Home

Increase Pennis At Home

Penis enlargement exercises are a different option to surgery for a man who is dissatisfied with his penis size, as for most men it is either too short or too thin. If you search the web, marketing companies have picked up on this niche and have deployed many different marketing strategies to try to encapsulate us into buying their product's, however it is quite possible that many of you are rather skeptical on many of these items.

This is where penis enlargement exercises come in to the rescue. While the penis holds no actual muscle, the exercises have been developed to help increase blood flow and increase the size of the suspensory ligaments. This it turns causes your penis to grow in size.

Just like before you do any form of exercise, it is very important that you warm your penis up. Soak a cloth in some warm water then rinse it and wrap it around your penis. Hold it there for about 4 minutes, then remove it and dry it with a towel to make sure you can get a good grip. You're now all ready to perform your penis enlargement exercises.

First of all, let's divide the exercises up. I will be covering the ones related to length first, then go onto girth enhancement ones. You can of course use both in your sessions, which is recommended as it will stop your penis growing disproportional.

Most length gaining exercises focus on two factors. The first is to stretch your penis so it forces its cells to divide and multiply. This is the same principal that a traction device would use. The second is to help loosen the suspensory ligaments to help promote growth in that.

The first I shall talk about is the Penis Crank, nicknamed for its rotary movement of the penis. To start with, make sure you're flaccid and grab the penis with one hand, just below the glands. Pull it until you can start to feel pressure, then stretch it in a circular motion, as if you're using your penis as a crank. Thirty revolutions should do the trick and remember, it's the penis you are pulling, not the skin, so if you're uncut, don't stretch it more by the foreskin.

The Ruler Snap is a technique used to help loosen up the suspensory ligaments. For this exercise you are going to need a ruler. Again, make sure your penis is flaccid before attempting this exercise.

Start by grabbing the penis firmly with one of your hands. With the other, place the ruler inline with your penis. Start to pull your penis along side the ruler until you start to feel a pressure. Hold it there for about 3 seconds and then release it. Repeat this exercise fifteen times.

Now onto a girth gaining exercise. Like length, your girths main factor is to increase the amount of blood that can flow into your penis so by increasing this, your girth will increase.

The Uli is an exercise that tries to force the blood up into areas that have poor blood circulation. First of all you need to get yourself about 80% erect. Don't do this while rock hard, else you will end up damaging your penis. Hold the base of your penis firmly with your thumb and index finger (try making an ok sign around it) and start to slowly pull or milk the penis to the head. This should take about 4 seconds. Once you've reached the top, with your other hand, repeat the process. Try to perform this exercise for about 5 minutes.

Increase Pennis At Home

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