Sunday, August 4, 2013

Make Your Penile Longer Naturally. Straighten Your Penis With A Traction Device

Make Your Penile Longer Naturally

Make Your Penile Longer Naturally

An effective way of solving the problem of Peyronies disease is to straighten the penis with a traction device. As with any novel approach to solving an old medical problem, the traction device has come under a lot of controversy and debate as to whether it really works.

Penis straightening devices, do they work?

Due to this wide skepticism, the traction device has been tested in several clinical trials to test if it can both enlarge and fix curvature as intended. Any new treatment claiming to solve such an important medical health issue must be put to the test in hopes that it will turn out successful, and so it can be considered a real treatment. As of now, the stretcher is a genuine and effective alternative for surgery for curing Peyronies disease and straightening the penis.

The traction device works by keeping the penis stretched so it can grow longer, thicker and straighter. With regular use of a penis enlargement device, men in the clinical studies were able to straighten their curvature angle by 70% in the first six months use, as well as maintain or even enlarge their length and girth. There is more testing to be done, but the extender is now seen as much safer than injecting different chemicals into the plaque of Peyronies disease.

Benefit of using a traction device after penis curvature surgery

Penis stretchers have also been used as an aid to penile curvature correction surgery. This type of surgery removes all the plaque causing the penis to bend, but afterwards the tissue around the removed plaque is shorter than the rest of the penis, causing it to shorten. Through constant penis stretching, the device has been effectively used to expand and grow the skin and shaft, reducing penile shortening and even adding extra size post surgically.

The original device, developed by the SizeGenetics medical team under Dr. Gomez de Diego in Spain, was classified as a Medical Device Type 1 by the European health agency and carries the CE symbol. The extender was designed to permanently correct penile curvature, and lengthen and thicken the penis to ensure healthy sexual fitness throughout a mans years.

The traction device now provides any man a potential solution to an often lifelong problem and insecurity by gaining him more confidence with a straight and or larger penis.

Make Your Penile Longer Naturally

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