Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Natural Stimulate Penis Growth. Grow Your Penis Bigger Significantly

Natural Stimulate Penis Growth

Natural Stimulate Penis Growth

So you want a significantly bigger penis! Well the good news is that it is indeed possible. So stay tuned and pay attention. If you have read about any penis enlargement techniques before, chances are, you may have heard about The Jelq!

Basic Jelqing
#1 The Basic Jelq - is performed as a milking motion to force more blood into the penis than it is used to accommodating, therefore making your penis bigger in the process. This is possible because of the 2 corpora cavernosa chambers in your penis that expand(filled with blood) when you get an erection. The capacity of the corpora cavernosa is what you aim to increase so that more blood can enter your penis giving you a larger penis.
To perform the jelq, you should be 70% erect. Lubricate your penis. Use your hand with the OK grip and move as much blood into your penis as possible, alternating hands as you go. This technique is the main pillar in your quest for a bigger penis! If you want both a bigger girth and length, you have to jelq. There's no way around it! But it can be done quickly - like 6 minutes a day!

Advanced Jelqing
This is how to get even faster results...
#2 Uli - With this technique, your penis should be 100% erect. Hold it as tightly as possible at the base. You will use a reverse OK grip so that your thumb and forefinger are at the base. Your penis should swell up with blood and look shiny. Hold the squeeze for 10 seconds and release. This method will add size even faster to your penis.

#3 Advanced Uli - With this technique perform the Uli but when you grip the base, use the other hand and grip near the head of penis with the normal grip and stroke downwards moving the blood back down. This multiplies the effectiveness of the Ulis performed.

Natural Stimulate Penis Growth

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