Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do Pills Make Your Penis Bigger. Is Penis Enlargement Actually Possible

Do Pills Make Your Penis Bigger

Do Pills Make Your Penis Bigger

Many men have a strong desire to check out penis enlargement. Some guys just want to increase their confidence, while others want to please their partners more or have more satisfying sex for themselves. All very good reasons to research the subject further.

But is penis enlargement really possible? Yes, it is. In fact, there are now clinically proven ways to achieve permanent results in just a few months. Thousands of men have had success so far using them. So, what are these proven methods?

1. Surgery
2. Exercises
3. Medical devices

All these are clinically proven ways which make it possible for you to have permanent penis enlargement. Let's touch on each one to determine which is the best method for you.

1. Penis Enlargement Surgery. This is by far the most risky (& expensive) method available today. The way it works is that the suspensory ligament which attaches the penis to the pelvic bone is cut so that more of the penis then hangs outside the body. However, average gain is only 1/2" or so & the patient must wait 6 weeks for any sexual activity. Possible side effects range from discoloration to impotence.

2. Exercises. Sure, these can work for the dedicated individual. However, you must do the exercises correctly & with the proper intensity to see size gains. There are many programs out there & some are better than others. The main benefit of enlargement exercises is that the cost of entry is less than any other method. But they also take the most time to see results of any of the proven methods.

3. Medical devices or extenders. These are the newest method available which makes permanent penis enlargement actually possible. The devices are made with medical grade parts which will not bend or rust. The devices work on the proven principle of traction. Doctors have used traction to lengthen limbs as well as stretch skin to be used for grafts. Clinical studies have proven that medical traction devices are very effective for permanent penis enlargement as well. While the devices are higher in cost than exercises, they are much cheaper than surgery & much safer. You simply wear the device & it gently stretches out your penis making it permanently bigger in both length & girth. No pain but BIG gains! In fact, you can gain as much as 30% more size in a matter of months.

Do Pills Make Your Penis Bigger

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