Thursday, August 8, 2013

Longitude Penis Pills. Penis Enlargement Exercises

Longitude Penis Pills

Longitude Penis Pills

Let's face it; most men are not happy with their penis size, especially when the women in their lives tell stories of past lovers who were big beyond belief. It can make a man feel insecure with themselves and start thinking about ways to make their penis bigger. Now there have been many options advertised on TV such as penis enlargement pills or pumps that cost a lot of money and might not even work. Even worse, they might have negative side effects. Why go through all the trouble of paying money and risking your health when you can do penis enlargement exercises to make yourself bigger?

Let's start with penis enlargement exercises for improving your girth. The best exercise to improve your girth is known as penis milking. It is in fact very similar to masturbation strokes except you don't want to have a full erection and the goal is not to pleasure yourself. Instead, you want a partial erection, and you want to slide your hand up your shaft with a firm grip that pushes blood through your entire erection. Over time this will increase the width your erection gets naturally.

There are many penis enlargement exercises you can do for lengthening your penis as well. In the same way that people can loosen their ligaments in their legs to perform a split, you can stretch the ligaments around your penis so that it is longer during an erection. While you are not hard, hold the head of your penis and gently pull until you reach the point where it feels just slightly uncomfortable. Hold it for at least ten seconds, then release. Do a few sets of these a day, and you'll notice a change in no time.

Longitude Penis Pills

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